Helvella elastica

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Helvella elastica: for more photos, see Sitka Nature Photo Gallery for Helvella elastica
Helvella elastica:

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|Habitat_Photo=20081101-helvella_elastica_habitat.jpg |Measure_Photo=20081103-helvella elastica-1.jpg |Close_Photo_1=20081103-helvella elastica-2.jpg |Cap_Color=Light Brown |Flesh_character=Thin |Stem_Shape=Equal |Stem_Color=cream |Stem_Surface=smooth |Habit=Scattered

Cap is saddle-shaped, with a shallow notch between the lobes of the saddle. The tan colored undersurface lacks hairs. The stem surface is somewhat undulate, with shallow depressed areas. Spores are 8/asci with a single large oil droplet.