Halosydna brevisetosa

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Eighteen-scaled scaleworm:
Eighteen-scaled scaleworm (Halosydna brevisetosa): This is a common, aggressive species. The color is quite variable, from light to dark or reddish, but the worm reliably has eighteen pairs of scales. The scales generally have a whitish spot right where the elytrophore meets the plate (O'Clair & O'Clair 1998). An easy place to find this worm is among colonies of tubeworms Vancouver feather-duster worm (Eudistylia vancouveri).

This species have robust bodies up to about 80 mm (about 3 inches long) and 13mm (0.5 inches)wide with 37 segments. The large proboscis is armed with four robust jaws. The Armored Scaleworm often crawls on driftwood infested with the Northern Gribble isopod (Limnoria lignorum) and preys on this crustacean. (pg. 162-163, O'Clair & O'Clair. 1998)

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