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Family: Grimmiaceae

Group: Bryophyte, Species

Scientific NameCommon NameSummary
Bucklandiella affinisRecent segregate of Bucklandiella heterosticha
Bucklandiella brevipes
Bucklandiella heterosticha
Bucklandiella lawtoniae
Bucklandiella sudetica
Codriophorus acicularisGreen to blackish moss found on wet rocks and boulders near and in streams. The blunt tipped leaves with toothed upper margins and erect capsules help distinguish this moss from Scouleria aquatica, a species similar in appearance and habitat.
Codriophorus fascicularisHabitat of photo differs from that given by Worley. Consider also C. varius
Codriophorus mollis
Codriophorus ryszardii
Codriophorus varius
Coscinodon yukonensis
Grimmia anodonWidespread and common in western North American. Reported from Alaska, but so far not from Southeast. Per BFNA, found on exposed calcareous sandstone, limestone, and concrete.
Grimmia anomala
Grimmia attenuata
Grimmia donnianaSo far not found in Southeast Alaska. Could possibly occur and should be looked for on acidic granite and sandstone.
Grimmia leibergiiThe find at Red Bluff Bay was a significant extension of the known range. Favors dry acidic boulders.
Grimmia longirostrisNot known from Southeast Alaska. Favors exposed dry acidic granite and quartzite. Seems most likely to occur in the drier areas of the northern end of Southeast Alaska.
Grimmia mollisNot known from Alaska, but found in British Columbia. Favors wet acidic rocks in alpine habitats.
Grimmia muehlenbeckiiPrefers shaded acidic rock, often near lakes. Known from Washington. It's occurrence in Southeast would appear to be a significant extension of the known range in North America.
Grimmia ovalis
Grimmia ramondii
Grimmia sessitanaNot currently known from Southeast Alaska. Most likely to occur on moist acidic granite in the alpine.
Grimmia torquata
Grimmia trichophylla
Niphotrichum canescens
Niphotrichum elongatumPreviously lumped with N. canescens, some reports of that species may actually be this taxon. FNA notes this species is more southern in its distribution, though is known to occur as far north as Gilbert Island in Southeast Alaska. (However, it's not clear where Gilbert Island is - there is one in BC adjacent to the mainland east of Haida Gwaii.)
Niphotrichum ericoides
Racomitrium lanuginosum
Schistidium agassizii
Schistidium apocarpum
Schistidium frigidum
Schistidium maritimum
Schistidium strictum