Gelatinodiscus flavidus

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Gelatinodiscus flavidus: Brightly colored disc fungus found on foliage and cones of Chamaecyparis nootkatensis

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Description: 0.1-0.5cm across, up to 0.4cm tall, the spore-bearing upper surface at first concave becoming flat then convex when mature, bright yellow to yellow-ocher (drying dark olive), opaque, even; margin bald, not extending beyond spore-bearing surface, underside colored as upper surface, appearing translucent or gelatinous; bald except for short yellow fuzz at base; stem 0.2-0.5 cm long and about 1 mm wide. spores 26-34 x 9-11 microns, nearly elliptic to oblong-elliptic but with one end broader than the other, smooth, colorless to yellow at first