Frullania californica

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Frullania californica: ID notes from BFNA treatment: Has dorsal lobe ocelli that are variable in their location. While the ocelli are generally few, they may also be scattered or form a short median line in some expressions. May sometimes have dorsal lobe apices that are sporadically acute or even sometimes acuminate. These specimens are otherwise identical to specimens with rounded apices.

Distinguishing from Frullania franciscana: Ocelli sometimes scattered on the dorsal lobe (cf.

Distinguishing from Frullania nisquallensis: ventral leaf margins plane or nearly so

Local Notes

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Other References

Ian Worley

Southeastern Alaska Distribution: Reported by Persson (1946) from Ward Lake as new to Alaska. However, "As the material is very scanty and badly developed, the record must be regarded as somewhat doubtful." (Persson, 1952a).
Habitat: On logs, trees and rocks. (Fry and Clark, 1937-47)
Comments: The record by Persson is provisionally included in the flora of Alaska.

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