Erythranthe lewisii

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Pink Monkey-flower: for more photos, see Sitka Nature Photo Gallery for Erythranthe lewisii
Pink Monkey-flower (Erythranthe lewisii): Perennial herb with striking pink flowers. Found on stable gravel bars and mountain rills, until recently known primarily from several watersheds on Baranof Island and near Hyder in Southeast Alaska with a single collection from Admiralty Island. In 2013 it a single plant was found along Rust Lake Creek on Chichagof Island and "hundreds of individuals" were at Lake Stanton(?) near Farragut Bay (per K. Dillman via K. LaBounty).

Over half the collections from the region in ARCTOS are from Baranof Island, but there are also collections from Chichagof, Admiralty Island, and the mainland at Taku Inlet, Stanton Lake (central part of mainland), and from the vicinity of Hyder.

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Other References

  • Muller: gen; along streams, mountains
  • Hall 2010: "Moist sites, streams and woods in extreme southeastern Alaska; reported near Hyder and on Baranof and Douglas Islands where apparently rare."

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