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Family: Ericaceae

Group: Vascular Plant, Species

Scientific NameCommon NameSummary
Andromeda polifoliaBog RosemaryBog Rosemary is a small easily overlooked evergreen perennial found in bogs. Plants typically consist of a few slender stems, so are most noticeable when the pink urn-shaped flowers are blooming. Like many bog plants, the leaves contain a variety of toxins and should not be consumed . Scattered collections (15 georeferenced) from across the region. Probably under collected relative to its abundance.
Arctostaphylos uva-ursiKinnikinnickA few scattered collections in ARCTOS, mostly from the northern mainland, but also near Hyder, on eastern Baranof Island, and from Coronation Island. (There may be additional records that have not been georeferenced).
Arctous alpinusAlpine BearberryIncluded in Hall's 2010 treatment, but apparently no records from Southeast Alaska (or anywhere close) in ARCTOS. However, Hall does not include Red-fruit Bearberry (Arctous rubra), which has been collected from the region. (A. rubra appears to formerly have been considered a subspecies of this species.)
Arctous rubraRed-fruit BearberryOnly a handful of georeferenced collections from the region in ARCTOS (there are many records without georeferencing, and some may be from the region). Collections from the northern mainland, as well as Prince of Wales and Chichagof Island.
Cassiope lycopodioidesClub-moss Mountain-heatherProbably uncommon small evergreen trailing shrub. Several collections in ARCTOS, but most from the northern mainland near Juneau with three more from the southern mainland and Revillagigedo Island.
Cassiope mertensianaWhite Mountain HeatherCommon mat-forming evergreen heather found in the low alpine near and above treeline. Over 30 collections in ARCTOS, most from the mainland (excluding the northern gulf coast) and inner islands. Also collected on Baranof Island and a single collection in the St. Elias mountains near the border along the Alsek River.
Cassiope tetragonaWhite Arctic Mountain HeatherSeveral collections in ARCTOS from the northern mainland (mostly either north or east of Lynn Canal).
Chimaphila umbellataPipsissewaCollections in ARCTOS primarily from the vicinity of Haines, but also collections from Beardsley Islands in Glacier Bay, Gull Island in Lynn Canal, along the Taku River, and near Hyder.
Elliottia pyrolifloraCopperbushDeciduous shrub with glossy,yellow green leaves and showy copper-colored flowers common near treeline, uncommon at lower elevations. Collections from throughout the region.
Empetrum nigrumCrowberryCommon evergreen shrub with needle shaped leaves found in muskegs and open subalpine areas at or just above treeline and on rocks at the shore line. Collections in ARCTOS from throughout the region.
Gaultheria shallonSalalSeveral collections in ARCTOS, most at or south of a line from Etolin Island to Coronation Island. Two collections from Baranof Island in the vicinity of Goddard Hot Springs.
Harrimanella stellerianaAlaska Mountain HeatherSmall evergreen shrub common in subalpine to lower alpine meadows and heath, less common in lower elevation muskeg and open forest. Collections from throughout the region, though there are gaps including Chichagof Island and Admiralty Island.
Kalmia microphyllaBog LaurelCollections in ARCTOS from throughout the region, but under Kalmia polifolia (which, as of June 2016, has apparently not been considered a synonym of K. microphylla in the ARCTOS taxonomy).
Kalmia procumbensAlpine AzaleaAlso known as Loiseleuria procumbens in many references Collections in ARCTOS from across the region.
Menziesia ferrugineaRusty MenziesiaCollections in ARCTOS span the region, but there are gaps (such as Chichagof Island and Admiralty Island) where this species certainly occurs.
Moneses unifloraSingle DelightCollections in ARCTOS from across the region.
Monotropa hypopitysAmerican PinesapUncommon to Fairly Common species of forested areas from low to middle elevations. Abundance seems to vary by year. Scattered collections mostly from the eastern mainland and inner islands, but also from Baranof and Chichagof Islands.
Monotropa unifloraIndian-pipeA single collection (Hyder, 1939) in ARCTOS. Collections from BC near Southeast Alaska are east of the coast range, while coastal collections are no further north than the southern half of Vancouver Island.
Orthilia secundaOne-sided WintergreenA good number of collections in ARCTOS, but mostly from the northern half of the region. Also a few from the southern mainland. It is unclear whether this is due to the distribution of the species, or uneven collecting efforts.
Phyllodoce empetriformisPink Mountain-heatherFew collections from the region in ARCTOS or on e-Flora BC map, all from near the northern border with British Columbia outside of Haines and Skagway. One additional report from Etolin Island. Over all distribution of this species appears to reach its northern and western extent in the southern Yukon Territory, with occurrence in the northern part of its range primarily on the continental side of the coast range.
Phyllodoce glandulifloraYellow Mountain HeatherFairly common needle-leaved small shrub found from low to upper elevations. Collections in ARCTOS from throughout the region.
Pyrola asarifoliaLiverleaf WintergreenSeveral collections in ARCTOS spanning north to south, but primarily limited to the mainland. Exceptions include two collections from the east side of Chichagof Island and one collection from Mitkof Island.
Pyrola chloranthaGreen-flowered WintergreenApparently only a few collections in ARCTOS identified as this species (though many more identified as Pyrola minor show up in a search for this name). Collections from Chichagof Island, Glacier Bay, and upper Lynn Canal.
Pyrola minorLesser WintergreenARCTOS records indicate scattered collections along the outer coast, quite a few additional collections from the vicinity of Juneau and upper Lynn Canal. A single collection from northern Admiralty Island is the only one on the inner islands. Just two collections from the mainland south of Juneau, both in the vicinity of Hyder.
Rhododendron camtschaticumKamchatka RhododendronOnly three collections in ARCTOS, all from the northwestern part of the region (from Yakobi Island to Yakutat). Additional reports from Mt. Edgecumbe (2009, photo) and northern Chichagof Island (near Elfin Cove). Hall reports this species is present in the mountains above Juneau.
Rhododendron groenlandicumLabrador TeaSmall evergreen shrub with aromatic leaves and white flowers found in most muskegs. Georeferenced collecctions in ARCTOS primarily from the southern half of the region and in the Juneau vicinity. A few scattered collections elsewhere in the region.
Rhododendron tomentosumNarrow-leaf Labrador teaThis species appears to reach its southern extent (on the east side of its range) in the very northern part of the region. There appear to be very few collections, all from the upper end of Lynn Canal. (A search in ARCTOS includes many collections currently identified as Rhododendron groenlandicum, which may have previously been thought to be this species.)
Vaccinium alaskaenseAlaska BlueberryTreated as a synonym of V. ovalifolium in the Flora of North America, there seems to be a distinct difference between the plants thought of as this species and those of V. ovalifolium in the Sitka area, at least. This species tends to bloom later (after leaves are out) have much flowers which are distinctly less elongate, and fruit that is noticably darker (with a different flavor). Further investigations, including some genetic work, are on-going. ARCTOS collection records primarily from the southern half of the region and in the immediate vicinity of Juneau.
Vaccinium cespitosumDwarf BlueberryARCTOS collection records scattered across the region.
Vaccinium membranaceumThinleaf HuckleberryNot reported from Southeast Alaska, though there are collections from British Columbia not far from the border. This species appears to primarily occur in inland locations in the northern part of its range (though it is coastal in southern BC).
Vaccinium ovalifoliumEarly BlueberryCollections in ARCTOS from throughout the region, though not as many from outer islands and the gulf coast, and apparently none from Admiralty Island.
Vaccinium oxycoccosBog CranberryCollections in ARCTOS from across the region.
Vaccinium parvifoliumRed HuckleberryFairly common deciduous shrub in much of southeastern Alaska. The berries are enjoyed by both people and other animals. Most collections in ARCTOS from southern half of the region (including Sitka), but also several from Juneau and at least one from Gustavus.
Vaccinium uliginosumBog BlueberryFairly common dwarf deciduous blueberry found in bogs and alpine tundra Collections in ARCTOS from throughout the region.
Vaccinium vitis-idaeaLingonberryA Fairly Common dwarf evergreen shrub found in bogs, open forests and the highest portions of uplift meadows. Collections in ARCTOS from throughout the region.