Emperor Goose

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Locale   Sp     Su     F     W     Br  
SE Alaska (edit) VR + + + -
Yakutat (edit) - - C C -
Skagway (edit) - - - - -
Haines (edit) - - - - -
Glacier Bay (edit) VR - - + -
Juneau (edit) VR - + - -
Sitka (edit) + - - + -
Stikine (edit)
S Outer Islands (edit)
Ketchikan (edit) - - - - -
Offshore (edit)
Emperor Goose (Chen canagica): Reports from the northern part of the region where it is probably best considered Very Rare or Accidental Fall through Spring.

Listed as Common in Yakutat during Fall and Winter (check this). Very Rare in spring at Glacier Bay and Juneau (Accidental in Sitka). Accidental in Fall (Juneau) and winter (Sitka). No reports from south of Sitka or from upper Lynn Canal.

  • Cornell BoW site shows the typical winter range of this species extending as far east as Kodiak Island and Cook Inlet. Yakutat checklist lists as Common in Fall and Winter?
  • Summer record in Southeast - from older GB list -> 2010 SE list?

SEAK QBR Mentions:

  • W2008-2009 (Yakutat - 22 January 2009, photo)
  • W2016-2017(Gustavus - 17-19 December 2016 - mentions probably fewer than 15 SEAK records)

Other Records

Southeast Alaska Quarterly Bird Report Mentions (2008-2018, Heinl and Piston)

  • Winter 2008-09: One was photographed at Yakutat on 22 January 2009 (F. Latham, R. Johnson; Figure 1). This Beringian species regularly winters as far east as Kodiak and Afognak islands; in some winters, small numbers occur east to Cook Inlet and along the Gulf of Alaska coast (Petersen et al. 1994). This species is casual in Southeast Alaska during the winter.
  • Winter 2016-17: An Emperor Goose was a nice find at Gustavus 17−19 December 2016 (NKD, photo). This Beringian species winters regularly east to the Kodiak Island area (Schmutz et al. 2011); it is casual or rare (Isleib and Kessel 1989) farther east along the Gulf Coast to Prince William Sound and casual in Southeast Alaska, where there are probably 15 or fewer records.

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