Elymus alaskanus

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Alaskan Wheatgrass (Elymus alaskanus): The Field Guide to Alaska Grasses does not show this species occurring in Southeast Alaska. Most records in ARCTOS of this species are of ssp. latiglumis which e-Flora BC indicates is synonymous with Arctic Wheatgrass (Elymus violaceus), which the field guide treats as a valid species.

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Other References

  • Hall 2010: [not treated]
  • Skinner, et al 2012: [as ssp. alaskanus] "Native grass common throughout dry regions of Alaska. Found on dry riverbanks, river bars, disturbed areas caused by frost heaving, dry rocky areas, as well as man-made disturbances like airstrips and roadsides"
  • Muller: [as Agropyron caninum var. latiglume] ex NE; open areas, mountains

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