Cyamus kessleri

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Little Gray Whale lice:
Little Gray Whale lice (Cyamus kessleri): This whale louse is very similar to another gray whale louse - Gray whale lice (Cyamus scammoni), except that it is slightly smaller, broader, and has gills that stick out from the sides of the animal and look like legs, rather than coiled up against the ventral side of the thorax.

The other look-alike whale lice on gray whales is Gray and Bowhead Whale Amphipod (Cyamus ceti), which is similar but has many more little spikes on the ventral side of the thorax segments. C. ceti also has diramous gills, whereas those of C. kessleri are uniramous (not branched).

It is very easy to think that the hind legs of this animal are its antennae, and that its front end is its rear end.

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