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Family: Cupressaceae

Group: Vascular Plant, Species

Scientific NameCommon NameSummary
Chamaecyparis nootkatensisYellow CedarExpected throughout the region, this species is locally abundant in some areas, but has also been subject to Yellow Cedar Decline over the past 100+ years, resulting in extensive cedar death. This species is the subject of on-going study and the effects of climate change.
Juniperus communisCommon JuniperAn easily over-looked evergreen shrub. The needle-shaped leaves are blue-green during the growing season, often brown or grey in the winter. In some locations, this species may be very common, but more often scattered. Expected throughout the region, collections are scattered throughout much, with some significant gaps, most prominently West Chichagof and the Northern Gulf Coast. (Pending review of non-georeferenced collections in Arctos)
Thuja plicataWestern Red CedarExpected throughout the southern half of the region (excepting Baranof Island).