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Family: Cricetidae

Group: Mammal, Species

Scientific NameCommon NameSummary
Lemmus trimucronatusBrown LemmingPrimary range of this species is more northern or interior than the region, but it is known from a pair of mountain sites near the border outside of Haines. Also one specimen in Arctos from Woronkofski Island has been identified as this species.
Microtus longicaudusLong-tailed VolePresent throughout the region except for Baranof Island and Kruzof Island. An endemic subspecies is known from Coronation, Forrester, and Warren Islands.
Microtus oeconomusRoot VoleFound on the from the Northern Gulf Coast to the east side of upper Lynn Canal. Also on Chichagof Islands along with other associated smaller islands, and Baranof Island. Fossil remains have been found on Prince of Wales Island. The southern limit of this species is in Southeast Alaska.
Microtus pennsylvanicusMeadow VoleKnown from at least three major mainland river valleys, the Chilkat, Taku and Stikine. Also found on Admiralty Island, and other islands near the mouth of the Stikine River.
Myodes gapperiSouthern Red-backed VoleFound along the mainland as far north as the Stikine River. Also present on many of the southern inner islands.
Myodes rutilusNorthern Red-backed VolePresent on the mainland at least as far south as LeConte Bay (according to MacDonald Cook 2007 - but arctos records show collections identified as this species from as far south as the southern mainland border). Reported from two islands, Douglas Island and Young Island (the latter in Yakutat Bay)
Neotoma cinereaBushy-tailed WoodratApparently no recent collections - there no mapped collections from the region are in Arctos. MacDonald and Cook (2007) not that this species has previously been reported from along the Unuk, Stikine, and Taku Rivers, plus captures on nunataks in the Juneau Ice Field, all from the 1960s or earlier.
Ondatra zibethicusCommon MuskratApparently widespread, but uncommon on the mainland and inner islands, with reports from Yakutat down to Revillagigedo Island including at Haines and one from Admiralty Island. Most reports seem to be from at or near the Stikine River (including delta and nearby larger islands).
Peromyscus keeniNorthwestern DeermouseA species primarily of the Pacific Northwest Coast, it is widespread and common throughout Southeast Alaska except western Glacier Bay and the Northern Gulf Coast. This species is known from all the major islands and many of the secondary islands.
Phenacomys intermediusWestern Heather VoleA single collection from the Chilkat Mountains near Excursion Inlet and collections from mountains near Hyder are the only ones known from the region so far, though it is probable this species occurs elsewhere in the mountains near the Canadian Border.
Synaptomys borealisNorthern Bog LemmingKnown on the mainland from Haines and Skagway south. Also scattered reports from some of the southern inner islands (including Kuiu Island).