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Family: Crassulaceae

Group: Vascular Plant, Species

Scientific NameCommon NameSummary
Crassula aquaticaWater PygmyweedSo far known only a collection at Chief Shakes Hotsprings along the Stikine River
Rhodiola integrifoliaLedge StonecropPresumably found throughout the region. Collections in ARCTOS from throughout much of Southeast, though with the exception of a collection from southwest Chichagof Island, there is a gap between the southern half of the region and south of Juneau.
Sedum divergensPacific StonecropSoutheast Alaska appears to be near the northern extent of the range of this species. Collections from near Haines (two at mile 10 of Haines highway from 1967 and 1981) and one from Takhin Ridge (2000). Other nearby collections include from near Disentchantment Bay, and from across the border near the Stikine River.
Sedum lanceolatumSpear-leaved StonecropThere appear to be no collections from the region in ARCTOS. The overall range of this species appears to be primarily continental, and there are collections from just across the border along the northern mainland.
Sedum oreganumOregon StonecropCollected from Baranof Lake (1963, still present in 2011), with an additional collection on the Canadian side of the border along the highway out of Haines. In 2012 a population was found on rocks above high tide at Whitewater Bay on Admiralty Island (E. Anderson via K. LaBounty). Additional records from near Haines (date unknown), two on Southern Admiralty (listed as 1937 and 1942), and Hyder (1940) are shown on the species occurrence map at AKNHP. (The latter three may be 3 collections in ARCTOS that have not been georeferenced.)