Climacium dendroides

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Climacium dendroides: for more photos, see Sitka Nature Photo Gallery for Climacium dendroides
Climacium dendroides: A tree-like moss found on wet lake shores and other marshy areas. Distinguished from other common tree like mosses by the robust habit, roundish leaves and habitat. The two other tree-like mosses; have either whitish stem leaves, Menzies' Tree Moss (Leucolepis acanthoneuron), or flat-topped finely branched upper stems Pleuroziopsis ruthenica

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Worley's Map of Collection Records for Climacium dendroides

Ian Worley

Southeastern Alaska Distribution: Rare except in the northern part of the region.
Habitat: In southeastern Alaska: a) An almost prostrate form grows at the mouths of lakes along banks, usually among grasses; b) A large, dendroid form grows on slopes and among fallen leaves in the Alnus stage of post-glacial succession; c) A middle sized dendroid form occasionally can be found in the richest of the herbaceous alpine meadows. Elsewhere in its range the species is best known from soil and soil-covered rocks where it is wet, such as along streams, swamps, lakes, meadows, etc. From sea level to the middle alpine.
Comments: The species is always found sterile in southeastern Alaska.

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Abundant along the upper mudflats at the head of Blue Lake in Sitka.