Clevea hyalina

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Clevea hyalina:

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Ian Worley

Southeastern Alaska Distribution: New to the region (only once before reported from Alaska, by Persson (1962) from Meade River on the Arctic coast); known from two collections from Saginaw Bay. Northeast shore of Saginaw Bay, 3 miles SE of Halleck Harbor, north of abandoned cannery, Kuiu Island, Worley and Schofield 8832 and 8975.
Habitat: Somewhat damp, shaded cliff shelves on limestone, near sea level. This is similar to the habitat reported fro the species in Europe, where it is more common in the alpine and subalpine.
Comments: The southeastern Alaska material is sterile. The species is rare throughout its range. Its restriction to Saginaw Bay may indicate a preference for drier, or non-oceanic climates. However, it may simply represent the requirement of a strongly basic substrate.

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