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Family: Chenopodiaceae

Group: Vascular Plant, Species

Scientific NameCommon NameSummary
Atriplex gmeliniiGmelin's SaltbrushOn beaches, Locally abundant to absent. Collections in ARCTOS from throughout much of the region.
Atriplex patulaSpearscaleIt appears there may be some confusion between this species and Gmelin's Saltbrush (Atriplex gmelinii). Based on the FNA account, it would seem this species should not be expected in salt rich areas (i.e., beaches) while A. gmelinii is restricted to such locations. There are a few collections in ARCTOS identified as this species (though all of those are from beach habitats, and maybe have been named with a broader understanding of A. patula than used in FNA) and two reports in AKEPIC (though those appear to be on shorelines, so may need reconsideration).
Chenopodium albumLamb's QuartersAlthough there are reports in the AKEPIC database from a few places around the region, the only collections in ARCTOS are from the north end of Lynn Canal (Haines and Skagway). This species is similar to Gmelin's Saltbrush (Atriplex gmelinii), so it would be nice to verify observations reported from the beach habitats of that species.
Chenopodium capitatumStrawberry spinachAnnual weedy herb with slightly fleshy arrow-shaped leaves and dense red clusters of fruit. A single (georeferenced) collection in ARCTOS from Andrew Island in the Stikine River. Apparently not included in AKEPIC.
Salicornia depressaBeach AsparagusThere are several collections that resolve to this species in ARCTOS, however at least some of those may actually be Beach Asparagus (Sarcocornia perennis).

FNA distribution map has this species occurring throughout coastal BC and again on the east side of Cook Inlet, but absent in Southeast Alaska.

It seems like this species does occur in the region, but more investigation is need to clearly resolve the question.
Sarcocornia perennisBeach AsparagusOnly one collection identified as this species in ARCTOS, though more as Salicornia virginica, which presumably are of this species. Taxonomy of this group is apparently a little confusing. FNA has 'all Salicornia spp as annuals, with Sarcocornia spp being perennial.
Suaeda calceoliformisSea bliteOnly one collection in ARCTOS identified as this species. Additional collections identified as S. maritima may also be this species, as the FNA treatment indicates that species is not known from the Pacific Coast of North America. Given the relatively few collections from the region as well from coastal BC, this species is probably not common in Southeast Alaska.