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Family: Caryophyllaceae

Group: Vascular Plant, Species

Scientific NameCommon NameSummary
Agrostemma githagoCommon CorncockleAlthough the preliminary checklist includes this species as introduced in the Sitka area, there are no records in ARCTOS, nor any reports in AKEPIC. It is not considered established in British Columbia. It seems unlikely to be established in Southeast Alaska.
Cerastium arvenseField ChickweedCollections primarily from the vicinity of upper Lynn Canal. However, a handful of collections from outer islands, Baranof, northern Prince of Wales, and Coronation.
Cerastium beeringianumBering ChickweedSeveral collections from the northern Lynn Canal and Gulf Coast, but also some from the southern part of the region, including on islands. (However, not all of those appear to have been verified, and that may be advisable given the difficulty of this genus.)
Cerastium fischerianumFischer's ChickweedA single (non-georeferenced) collection from Juneau vicinity is the only one in Arctos from the region. Overall distribution of this species in Norther America appears to be primarily from Kodiak Island westward. There are a couple of BC records from Haida Gwaii and Vancouver Island, so this species could be expected to occur at least occasionally, probably mostly in alpine habitats.
Cerastium fontanumBig ChickweedIntroduced species that appears to be widespread throughout the region in disturbed areas (including logging roads) with collections in ARCTOS and additional records in AKEPIC.
Cerastium glomeratumMouse-ear ChickweedDistribution in the region is somewhat unclear. Only a small number of collections and/or reports. Most introduced weedy species appear to be Big Chickweed (Cerastium fontanum) rather than this species (based on collection records).
Honckenya peploidesBeach GreensCommon plant of the upper beach on rocky shores. Collections from throughout the region, with the primary gap being much of the southern outer islands.
Minuartia bifloraMountain SandwortFour collection records in ARCTOS - three from the northern mainland (vicinity of Lynn Canal) and one from Prince of Wales Island. All collections from alpine areas.
Minuartia elegansElegant sandwortSo far only records are from Baranof Island on Bear Mountain (and possibly Starrigavan Ridge) near Sitka. Except for along the Bering Sea, this has been reported mostly from continental side of the mountains, but there are at least a couple of ocean side records from British Columbia and Washington (though FNA account suggests those may be a different species), as well as a couple from Kodiak Island.
Minuartia macrocarpaLarge-fruited SandwortA single collection from the Taiya River outside of Skagway. This appears to be one of the (south) eastern-most records in North America.
Minuartia obtusilobaAlpine sandwortIncluded in the preliminary checklist. It is not clear if there are any collections from the region, though there are several from very close to it along the northern margins. There may need to be some review of this species and Mountain Sandwort (Minuartia biflora)
Minuartia rossiiRoss's sandwortAlthough included on the preliminary checklist, there are no documented collections of this species from the region in ARCTOS, nor any indicated from British Columbia (it is not included in e-Flora BC). The nearest collections appear to be room the Yukon and Wrangell-St. Elias area of the main part of Alaska.
Minuartia rubellaReddish sandwortSeveral collections from the region. Distribution of collections suggest this species probably occurs throughout much of the region, though perhaps in limited and/or under sampled habitats.
Minuartia strictaRock sandwortAlthough reported on the preliminary checklist, there do not appear to be any collections from the region.
Moehringia laterifloraBlunt-leaved SandwortQuite a few collections from the northern part of the region. Based on collection records, this species would seem to be non-coastal in western North America south of where it occurs in Southeast Alaska (north and west of the region it has frequently been collected in coastal areas). Southern-most collections in the region are from norther Chichagof Island, but it has also been found on northern Kruzof Island.
Sagina maximaBeach PearlwortCommon small herb of the splash zone along rocky shorelines. Probably occurs throughout, though collections are primarily from the southern half of the region (with one from the Yakutat area as well).
Sagina nivalisSnow PearlwortA few collections from the northern mainland, including the gulf coast, Glacier Bay, and White Pass. A collection from British Columbia near Hyder suggests this species may occur in the coastal mountains elsewhere in the region as well.
Sagina procumbensBird's Eye PearlwortIntroduced species with only three collections in ARCTOS (including one from 1939). Many reports, primarily from near Sitka and the eastern half of Chichagof Islands, in AKEPIC database.
Sagina saginoidesArctic PearlwortSeveral collections from the northern mainland. There are records from Haida Gwaii, so perhaps this species may be found on islands in Southeast Alaska at some point.
Silene acaulisMoss CampionCollections scattered throughout much of the region. Apparently no (recent, georeferenced) collections from several of the major islands, including Admiralty, Baranof, and Chichagof.
Silene involucrataArctic catchfllyApparently no recent (georeferenced) collections from the region. There may be older collections in ARCTOS that have not been georeferenced. ssp. involucrata seems to be the expected one for this region.
Silene menziesiiMenzies' CampionNo recent (georeferenced) collections from Southeast Alaska. Two older collections from from Skagway (1934) and Juneau (1925).
Silene noctifloraNight-flowering CatchflyThere seem to be no recent reports. Reported by Anderson in 1918 publication on plant of Southeast Alaska.
Silene soczavanaBoreal CatchflyCollections from Baranof Island and Dall Island. Taxonomy of this species and the related Apetalous Catchfly (Silene uralensis) may not yet be settled.
Silene uralensisApetalous CatchflyCollections from West Chichagof, Northern Admiralty Island, and northern Prince of Wales Island. See also Boreal Catchfly (Silene soczavana) (some of the collections for S. uralensis may need to be reviewed to see if they are S. soczavana)
Spergula arvensisCorn SpurryOnly two collections in ARCTOS (from Ketchikan and Haines), but many reports in AKEPIC database from Juneau and Haines areas.
Spergularia canadensisCanada Sand-spurryCollections from across the region (though apparently none from Baranof Island, where it does occur).
Spergularia rubraRed SandspurryA single collection from Haines in ARCTOS. Several reports in AKEPIC database from the Haines area as well as Juneau.
Stellaria alaskanaAlaska StarwortIncluded in the preliminary checklist and Hall's 2010 treatment, but there are no collection records from the region in ARCTOS. This species is not known to occur in British Columbia, so additional documentation of its occurrence in Southeast Alaska may be warranted.
Stellaria borealisBoreal StarwortCollections from throughout the region with both subspecies (borealis and sitchana) represented.
Stellaria calycanthaNorthern StarwortSeveral collections scattered throughout the region with some gaps (no collections from the northern islands, for example). Presumably occurs throughout, though perhaps not as commonly as Boreal Starwort (Stellaria borealis), which was formerly considered a subspecies of this.
Stellaria crassifoliaFleshy StarwortApparently one collection of this species from the region at the Stikine River mouth. Overall distribution of collections tends towards more inland and/or northerly locations, so its occurrence in Southeast Alaska may be marginal.
Stellaria crispaCurled StarwortScattered collections throughout the region, but with gaps. Apparently no collections from Chichagof Island, Admiralty Island, nor the southern outer islands.
Stellaria humifusaSaltmarsh StarwortCollections from throughout the region.
Stellaria longifoliaLong-leaved StarwortOnly a handful of collections from the region identified as this species in ARCTOS. All are from the northern part.
Stellaria longipesLong-stalked StarwortCollections from the northern half of the region. Conspicuously absent in the southern part. Although collected many times from interior British Columbia, there is only a single (1914) collection from the coastal areas north of Vancouver Island.
Stellaria mediaCommon ChickweedOnly a few collections in ARCTOS, but may reports from throughout the region in AKEPIC database. It is unclear to what extent this species is present away from regular human disturbance.
Stellaria ruscifoliaPrickly-leaved StarwortIncluded in the preliminary checklist as well as Hall's 2010, the FNA treatment for this species shows Southeast Alaska included in the distribution of this species. However, there are no collections in ARCTOS of this species from Southeast Alaska.
Vaccaria hispanicaCow SoapwortOnly two records, both old, from the region. A 1929 collection in ARCTOS frm Juneau, and a citation (found in AKEPIC database) of a 1916 publication by Anderson indicating it had been found in Sitka. Probably no longer occurs in the region.
Wilhelmsia physodesMerckiaIncluded in the Preliminary checklist and in Hall's 2010 treatment, but there are no records from British Columbia, nor are there any georeferenced records from Southeast Alaska. (There are a quite a few records in ARCTOS without any geolocation data, and it is possible that an older collection or two from Southeast Alaska is among them.) The nearest collection records appear to be from well into the Yukon Territory or near Prince William Sound.