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Canada Goose: for more photos, see Sitka Nature Photo Gallery for Branta canadensis
Locale   Sp     Su     F     W     Br  
SE Alaska (edit) C FC C FC Y
Yakutat (edit) C C C U  ?
Skagway (edit) R - R - -
Haines (edit) C U C U Y
Glacier Bay (edit) C FC C C Y
Juneau (edit) C U C C VR
Sitka (edit) FC U FC U Y
Stikine (edit)
S Outer Islands (edit)
Ketchikan (edit) C U FC FC U
Offshore (edit)
Canada Goose (Branta canadensis): Common in migration (especially as fly-overs) across most of the region, with the exception of upper Lynn Canal, where they are Rare(?). In Summer both nesting and non-breeding birds are present, though distribution is uneven across the region and varies from Uncommon in most of the region, and Fairly Common to Common from Glacier Bay to Yakutat.

In Winter Uncommon to Common with the exception of upper Lynn Canal.

  • Are Haines and Skagway really so different in occurrence from each other?
  • Main migration timing?
  • High counts and/or significant staging areas?
  • Subspecies notes?

SEAK QBR Mentions

  • W2013-2014: New local high count at JNU of 2140 on 4 Jan.
  • Sp2014: Six identified as parvipes ssp observed near JNU 12 April. This ssp is rare or uncommon migrant in most of region. Though sometimes it occurs in 'pretty good numbers' at GUS.
  • Sp2016: Maximum counts of Lesser Canada Goose at GUS included 95 on 7 April and 80 on 14 April. A single Lesser at HNH on 3 April, and one or two on five days at JNU 9 Apr - 21 May. Large pale-breasted bird at JNU identified as moffitti/maxima. Two prior local reports of large pale-breasted birds (19 May 2008, 30 April 2007).
  • F2016: Lesser Canada Goose reports included a flock of 23 near JNU on 7-8 Sept. Four of these lingered to 16 Sept. Another flock of 23 at JNU on 30 Oct, and one at KTN on 22 Oct The Lesser Canada Goose is rare or uncommon migrant in SEAK.
  • F2017: Lesser Canada Geese at JNU 6 Sept (two) and 4 Nov (one).
  • W2017-2018: Single Lesser Canada Geese at GUS on 6 Dec. At JNU on 9 Dec and 19 Feb. This ssp which is smaller and much paler than resident ssp (fulva) is Casual in Southeast Alaska in winter.

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