Brotherella canadensis

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Brotherella canadensis:

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Worley's Map of Collection Records for Brotherella sp

Ian Worley
[as Brotherella sp]
Southeastern Alaska Distribution: See Map 147. Not previously cited from Alaska. (A previous report of B. roellii from Kuiu Island by Harvill (1950) has been also included.)
Habitat: Wet sites, in canyons on cliffs, rock walls, in peatlands, in rocky fens, rarely on old boards. From sea level to the lower subalpine.
Comments: Plants have been collected with sporophytes on a wet slope in the shade of trees. This undescribed taxon will be treated in detail by Schofield elsewhere. The present records are essentially within the “Wet Climate” zone, but the species is not yet well enough known to firmly place it in that category.

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