Bromus carinatus

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California brome (Bromus carinatus): Annual or biennial grass native from British Columbia south to California, introduced to the Yukon and northern southeast Alaska

Apparently no collection records from Southeast Alaska, there are many records of this species from coastal British Columbia right up to the border with Southeast Alaska.

When Bromus carinatus is searched in PacNW herbaria database, records that come up are B. sitchensis var. marginatus - so apparently that taxonomy treats this species as a variety of Alaska Brome (Bromus sitchensis).

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Other References

  • Muller: ex N; waste places, intro
  • Hall 2010: [not treated]
  • Skinner, et al 2012: [as B. carinatus var. marginatus] "Introduced grass that may be found in disturbed areas like roadsides and right-of-ways for utility lines. Common in the Rocky Mountains but rare in Alaska."

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