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Locale   Sp     Su     F     W     Br  
SE Alaska (edit) U R R VR -
Yakutat (edit) U VR U VR -
Skagway (edit) + + - - -
Haines (edit) U R U R -
Glacier Bay (edit) FC U U VR -
Juneau (edit) R R - - -
Sitka (edit) U R R VR -
Stikine (edit)
S Outer Islands (edit)
Ketchikan (edit) U VR - - -
Offshore (edit)
Brant (Branta bernicla): Uncommon during spring migration, with some birds lingering into summer. Rare during fall migration. Very Rare in winter along the outer coast and Glacier Bay.

Migration routes seem to favor western part of the region and/or the outer coast.

Found almost exclusively on or near salt water.

According to the Birds of the World entry on Brant, most, if not all, of the Brant that pass through Southeast Alaska are on their way from or to Izembek Lagoon on the Alaska Penninsula. During fall migration, most Brant make a direct cross-Pacific flight from Izembek to their wintering locations on the West Coast. In spring, the migration takes more time with a greater number of stops.

  • Uncommon in Fall at GB and Yakutat?
  • Haines U R U R?

SEAK QBR Mentions:

  • Su2009: Late migrants reported well into June and in larger than normal numbers. At KTN 50 on 8 June, 30 on 12 June, 12 on 18 June, and 4 on 12 July provided first local mid-summer record. Small numbers at JNU through 6 July. 2 near HNS on 2 July. Numerous in GB+GUS area during June, including max count of 135 on 4 June. 20 in SIT sound 3 June.
  • F2009: 5 near Dixon Entrance on 12 August probably summered in SEAK. 25 September an early bird was at SIT. More typical timings, 8 at WRG 11 Nov; 9 at SIT 13 Nov; 1 at GUS 17-21 Nov. Most of breeding population flies across the gulf. Found most frequently in SEAK in Spring. Uncommon or Rare in Fall.
  • Sp2010: Recorded at various locations from mid-April through end of period. Two near JNU on 14 April, one of earliest local records. Hight counts at GUS included 2125 on 9 May - doubling previous high count for area. One of highest ever for SEAK. 400-500 still remaining near GUS on 20-21 May.
  • Su2010: Seven at SIT 29 June-12 July; At KTN five on 30 June, 1 on 28 July; at JNU five on 20 June, one on 25 June. Fair numbers lingered will into summer in GB area - likely an annual phenomenon. High counts included 54 as late as 17 July at GUS. Smaller numbers found in different parts of GB in June with some lingering to July. cf. Wik and Streveler (1968).
  • F2010: Eight at GUS 3 August, and three there 24 August, likely summered locally, as did the two birds at Sitka 19–20 August.
  • W2010-2011: Three at GUS 25 December were very late. Casual or Very Rare in Winter east of traditional wintering location at Izembek lagoon.
  • W2011-2012: Small numbers at GUS all winter (only two prior Winter records). Max of seven 4-19 Feb at GUS. Twelve at Pleasant Island 18 Feb. Two at SIT Jan-early Feb.
  • Sp2012: First reported at GUS 7 April with 21 birds, and at SIT 8 April with 20 birds. Max numbers were at GUS with peak of 400 on 21 April, 300 on 8 May.
  • Su2012: Late reports from June in SIT and KTN. As is typical, larger numbers at GUS+GB. Max 176 at GUS 9 June. 36 at Tarr Inlet 21 June. Latest were 3 at GUS, 11 July.
  • F2012: 24 at GUS 24 August summered in the area.
  • Sp2013: One found dead near SIT was banded as an adult on 26 July 1988 at Albert Edward Bay on the eastern shore of Victoria Island, Canadian Arctic. More than 25 years old at death, one of oldest Black Brant reported.
  • Su2013: Largest numbers at GUS+GB max 220 on 4 June. Latest 10 in West Arm on 8 July and three at GUS 29 July. Also noted at SIT, 6 on 1 June. A single at Saltery Cove PoW 4 June. Near KTN seven on 5 June. JNU two on 9 June. Very Rare July report from lower Chatham where one seen 12 July. One at JNU 13 July. One at Dixon Entrance 15 July.
  • F2013: Summering birds lingered into August at GUS and JNU. Rare fall migrant turned up with Cackling Geese at GUS 12-15 Oct.
  • Sp2014: Three at GUS 31 March and two near JNU 12-13 April established new early arrival dates for both locations. Max at GUS was 400 on 1 May, about average for that location. Max at SIT 100 on 17 May.
  • W2014-2015: Four at Beardslee Islands GB on 14 Dec were late.
  • Su2015: Singles at SIT on 1 June; near JNU on 13 June; and 35 near GUS 25 June were late.
  • Su2016: Six at Little Island in Lynn Canal on 23 June. One lingering near JNU to at least 2 July
  • F2016: Late birds at GUS 22 Oct, 18 Nov, and 24 Nov.
  • W2016-2017: One was late at GUS, 7 Dec. Another 8-24 Feb was only 2nd mid-winter record locally.
  • Su2017: Usual small numbers at GUS through June. Max 23 on 5 June. Singles at KTN 10 June, 21 July. Inian Pass 11 July
  • Su2018: Three at Hyder 11 June may be 1st local report. Only other reports were from GB, where Uncommon in Summer (max 20 on 3 June).

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