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Family: Boraginaceae

Group: Vascular Plant, Species

Scientific NameCommon NameSummary
Amsinckia lycopsoidesTarweed FiddleneckAlthough included in the preliminary checklist, there are no collections nor any reports of this species in Southeast Alaska, nor in AKEPIC.
Amsinckia menziesiiMenzies' FiddleneckCollections in ARCTOS from Skagway (most recently from 1968). No AKEPIC reports of this species from the region, though there are some in that database from the southern Yukon.
Cryptantha torreyanaTorrey's cryptanthaA single 1968 collection from Skagway in ARCTOS. No additional reports of this species from AKEPIC, nor are there any other reports north of extreme southern British Columbia, suggesting this introduced species may not be established in the region.
Lappula occidentalisStickseedA single collection from Mile 14 of Haines highway is the only one in ARCTOS.
Mertensia maritimaOysterleafCollections in ARCTOS from the northern half the region (from southern Admiralty Island), mostly on inside waters (except also at Yakutat). This species is known to occur on the outside on Kruzof Island as was on Haida Gwaii, so it seems likely this species occurs throughout the region.
Mertensia paniculataTall BluebellThere do not appear to be any collections of this species from the region, though it has been reported (collected?) near the border along the Haines Highway as well as at White Pass. Overall distribution seems to be continental.
Myosotis asiaticaAsian forget-me-notCollections in ARTCOS are called M. alpestris. Only a few collections from the region, including from Ketchikan, Kupreanof Island, three from Chichagof Island (near Freshwater Bay and Tenakee), Auke Bay, and from the mainland mountains outside of Haines. All but the Freshwater Bay and Haines collections are from prior to 1990. Should double check taxonomy. M. asiatica vs. M. alpestris, e-Flora BC appears to treat M. alpestris as a synonym of M. asiatica.
Myosotis laxaBay Forget-me-notNo collections from Southeast Alaska, but e-Flora BC has a record from Stewart, British Columbia just across the border from Hyder. It is also known from Haida Gwaii. If this species occurs in Southeast Alaska, it is almost certainly limited to the southernmost part of the region.
Myosotis scorpioidesForget-me-notCollections in ARCTOS as well as reports in AKEPIC from many of the communities throughout the region.
Myosotis sylvaticaWoodland Forget-me-notAlthough several collections records show up in ARCTOS in a search for this species, none seem to be currently labeled as M. sylvatica. There are reports from Sitka, Hoonah, and Gustavus of this species in AKEPIC.
Plagiobothrys figuratusFragrant Popcorn-flowerAlthough listed in the preliminary checklist, there are no records of this species from the region in ARCTOS. There are also not any reports indicated on e-Flora BC maps, nor in the AKEPIC database.
Plagiobothrys orientalisOriental Popcorn-flowerA single collection from 2000 near Skagway is the only record of this species from Southeast Alaska in ARCTOS.

This is apparently a disjunct record from the more expected range that stretches westward from Kodiak Island.

This species is included on the rare species list for Alaska.
Plagiobothrys scouleriScouler's Popcorn-flowerA single collection from 1968 near Skagway is the only record of this species from Southeast Alaska in ARCTOS. There are no additional reports indicated in e-Flora BC maps, nor AKEPIC database. Taxonomy needs clarification, the ARCTOS collection was relabeled P. cognatus, but currently that appears to be a synonym of P. hispidulus.
Symphytum asperumPrickly ComfreyProbably not established, this species has only been reported from Sitka (1994).
Symphytum officinaleCommon ComfreyNo collections in ARCTOS, but reports from several communities around Southeast Alaska in AKEPIC. Presumably primarily occurs as escaped garden plant, unclear if it has become established anywhere without help.