Blue-winged Teal

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Blue-winged Teal: for more photos, see Sitka Nature Photo Gallery for Spatula discors
Locale   Sp     Su     F     W     Br  
SE Alaska (edit) U U U - Y
Yakutat (edit) VR VR - - -
Skagway (edit) C U C - -
Haines (edit) U - R - -
Glacier Bay (edit) U U R - -
Juneau (edit) U O + - VR
Sitka (edit) R VR VR - -
Stikine (edit)
S Outer Islands (edit)
Ketchikan (edit) R - VR - -
Offshore (edit)
Blue-winged Teal (Spatula discors): Uncommon to Rare spring migrant sometimes lingering into summer, apparently less common in the Fall migration (Rare to Very Rare?).
  • Perhaps overlooked in the fall due to similarity with much more common GWTE?
  • Abundance somewhat variable between communities - more common in the northeast?
  • Breeding records - Juneau, GB? Where else? Annually? Abundance?
  • Early Date 6 April (KTN 2014), more typically May-early June (Sp 2014 QBR)

SEAK QBR Mentions

  • F2008: One near JNU on 18 October 2008 was late
  • F2009: Rare fall migrant in SEAK, one JNU 27 August 2009 and two were found at KTN 10 September.
  • Sp2010: 14 males near GUS, 25 May 2010 provided a new high count for that location. This species is an uncommon migrant in SEAK (Kessel and Gibson 1978). Few larger counts for SEAK, including 29 at Juneau 26 May 2002 (North American Birds 56:344).
  • Su2013: Twenty Blue-winged Teal, part of a late, large concentration of waterfowl at the Mendenhall Wetlands 2 June 2013 (DS), was a larger than average count for SEAK. Uncommon spring migrant throughout the region, usually found in pairs or groups of up to eight birds (Kessel and Gibson 1978).
  • F2013: Rare in the fall, one at Bartlett Cove 3 November 2013 was also quite late (new local late date by two weeks; fide NKD). There are very few Alaska records for November.
  • Sp2014: A drake at KTN 6 April was extremely early. This duck is typically a May–early June migrant (Kessel and Gibson 1978); the earliest [prior] Alaska arrival date that we know of is 14 April 2003 (North American Birds 57:389).
  • F2014: Rare in fall, two were found at GUS 22–30 September and two were at WGL 26 October; the latter were also notably late.
  • Sp2018: Reported in typical small numbers throughout the region beginning with one at Hoonah 5 May 2018. Exceptions were 10 at Sitka 11 May and 20 at the Mendenhall Wetlands 27 May.
  • F2018: Rare in fall, singles were reported at the Mendenhall Wetlands 7–9 August, at SIT on 7 October and 21 October, and near Hoonah 25 October.

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