Black Oystercatcher

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Black Oystercatcher: for more photos, see Sitka Nature Photo Gallery for Haematopus bachmani
Locale   Sp     Su     F     W     Br  
SE Alaska (edit) U U U R Y
Yakutat (edit) FC C FC  ? C
Skagway (edit) Ir - - - -
Haines (edit) U U U R -
Glacier Bay (edit) FC C FC R Y
Juneau (edit) U U R - U
Sitka (edit) FC FC FC U FC
Stikine (edit)
S Outer Islands (edit)
Ketchikan (edit) R - R - -
Offshore (edit)
Black Oystercatcher (Haematopus bachmani):

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|Summary=Uncommon along the road system, Fairly Common in the area. Most easily observed by boat. On the road system the best locations are at Halibut Point Recreation Area, Starrigavan, or on Old Sitka Rocks from Halibut Point Road. |occurence plot=Black.Oystercatcher.png |nonbreeding habitat=Tideflat, Rocky Shore |breeding habitat=Rocky Shore, |spring=Fairly Common |summer=Fairly Common |fall=Fairly Common |winter=Fairly Common |breeding=Uncommon |best locations=Starrigavan, Old Sitka Rocks, Halibut Point Rec, |other locations=Starrigavan, Old Sitka Rocks, Halibut Point Rec, Totem Park, St. Lazaria, Bieli Rock, Black Rock, |webster=Common resident along the outer coast. Nests on surf-beaten rocks; often feeds, especially in winter, in sheltered bays. I studied it in Sitka Sound, and recorded many nests (Webster 1941c). Recorded on 8 of the 28 Christmas counts. }}