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373 naturally occuring species with an additional 16 species considered unsubstantiated.

This checklist was based initially on the 2010 checklist for Southeast Alaska compiled by Steve Heinl (a PDF copy is available here: )

Annotated Checklist for Southeast Alaska

Accepted/Documented Species

Species   Sp     Su     F     W     Br     Notes  

Emperor Goose VR + + + - Reports from the northern part of the region where it is probably best considered Very Rare or Accidental Fall through Spring.

Listed as Common in Yakutat during Fall and Winter (check this). Very Rare in spring at Glacier Bay and Juneau (Accidental in Sitka). Accidental in Fall (Juneau) and winter (Sitka). No reports from south of Sitka or from upper Lynn Canal.

  • Cornell BoW site shows the typical winter range of this species extending as far east as Kodiak Island and Cook Inlet. Yakutat checklist lists as Common in Fall and Winter?
  • Summer record in Southeast - from older GB list -> 2010 SE list?
Snow Goose U + U + - Mostly observed during spring and fall migration. Although large flocks fly over the region, except for a couple of areas (primarily as Yakutat Forelands and the Stikine Delta), they are not consistently found on the ground in significant numbers.

On ground prefer open grassy areas such estuary and delta meadows.

Dark morph geese are very rare in the region.

  • Lynn Canal and North on margin of main migration flyway?
  • Typical migration dates?
  • Summer records?
  • Winter records?
  • Haines showing Rare year round?
  • Preferred habitat check
Ross's Goose + - - - - Casual in Spring, with reports from Gustavus (2013, 2015, 2017), Sitka (April 1940), and Juneau.
  • (Spring 2017 quarterly report indicates Gustavus record was the 8th for Southeast Alaska - list of others?)
Greater White-fronted Goose FC VR U VR - Fairly Common in spring and Uncommon in fall migration except in northern Lynn Canal, with most individuals not spending long in the region. Occasional stragglers linger into summer or winter.

When not flying overhead, found along salt water beaches, meadows, and lakes.

Observations are primarily of subspecies A. a. frontalis, likely breeding in western and northwestern Alaska. There are occasional sightings of the larger and darker subspecies A. a. gambeli (also known as Tule Goose), which breeds around Cook Inlet in southcentral Alaska.

  • Typical migration window for spring and fall?
  • Northern Lynn Canal outside typical flyway?
  • More likely to fly over without stopping in the fall? (cf. BoW account)
  • High counts?
Brant U R R VR - Uncommon during spring migration, with some birds lingering into summer. Rare during fall migration. Very Rare in winter along the outer coast and Glacier Bay.

Migration routes seem to favor western part of the region and/or the outer coast.

Found almost exclusively on or near salt water.

According to the Birds of the World entry on Brant, most, if not all, of the Brant that pass through Southeast Alaska are on their way from or to Izembek Lagoon on the Alaska Penninsula. During fall migration, most Brant make a direct cross-Pacific flight from Izembek to their wintering locations on the West Coast. In spring, the migration takes more time with a greater number of stops.

  • Uncommon in Fall at GB and Yakutat?
  • Haines U R U R?
Cackling Goose U VR U VR - Probably Uncommon in migration (apart from upper Juneau and northern Lynn Canal, where they are probably Rare at best)), and Very Rare in Fall and Winter.
  • Main migration timing?
  • High counts and/or significant staging areas?
  • Subspecies notes? Small to medium-sized flocks of both Aleutian subspecies and minima go through Sitka
Canada Goose C FC C FC Y Common in migration (especially as fly-overs) across most of the region, with the exception of upper Lynn Canal, where they are Rare(?). In Summer both nesting and non-breeding birds are present, though distribution is uneven across the region and varies from Uncommon in most of the region, and Fairly Common to Common from Glacier Bay to Yakutat.

In Winter Uncommon to Common with the exception of upper Lynn Canal.

  • Are Haines and Skagway really so different in occurrence from each other?
  • Main migration timing?
  • High counts and/or significant staging areas?
  • Subspecies notes?
Trumpeter Swan U R U U Y Uncommon Spring and Fall migrant across much of the region. Very Rare in Summer, except where nesting is known to occur along the Yakutat Forelands and Chilkat Valley. Uncommon to Fairly Common in winter (except northern Lynn Canal?)

Wintering birds found on freshwater and estuaries which remain open. Typically arriving in early November and departing in late winter or early spring (depending on conditions, with earlier departures in warmer years).

  • Winter distribution? More common on outer coast? More habitat based?
  • Changes in wintering and/or nesting distribution?
  • Timing of arrival departure of wintering birds similar to what's seen in Sitka?
Tundra Swan U - U VR - Rare to Uncommon migrant, possibly more often seen in the northern half of the region. Accidental in Summer (Glacier Bay). Rare or Very Rare in winter, with small numbers occasionally spending the winter (often with Trumpeter Swans).
  • Migration timing?
  • Migration route more cutting across northern part?
  • Wintering birds typically with Trumpeter Swans, as in Sitka?
  • High counts of wintering birds?
  • Actually R in winter at Juneau and Haines? cf. quarterly bird reports, few mentions
Wood Duck VR VR VR VR - Reported from several communities as far north as Haines.

Prior to around 2000 considered Casual (cf. Fa 2008 QBR, Sp 2009 QBR). In the first decade or so of the 2000s, became nearly annual and considered Rare or Very Rare in the region Fall, Winter, and Spring. Since that time, they seem to be showing up in greater numbers with increasing frequency, especially in Summer. Some individuals have been present across multiple seasons. This may be due to an increasing populations and an expansion of their range (cf. Birds of the World account).

  • Update overall occurrence to R in at least some seasons?
  • Update Juneau to VR?
  • Hang out with Mallards elsewhere? (as in Sitka) - Moving between lakes and estuaries?
Blue-winged Teal U U U - Y Uncommon to Rare spring migrant sometimes lingering into summer, apparently less common in the Fall migration (Rare to Very Rare?).
  • Perhaps overlooked in the fall due to similarity with much more common GWTE?
  • Abundance somewhat variable between communities - more common in the northeast?
  • Breeding records - Juneau, GB? Where else? Annually? Abundance?
  • Early Date 6 April (KTN 2014), more typically May-early June (Sp 2014 QBR)
Cinnamon Teal R R - - - Rare in Spring and Summer, primarily at Juneau where one or two have been reported most years (ref. Sp 2013 QBR). Several additional reports from Gustavus. Very Rare or Accidental in Spring elsewhere in the region. Very Rare in Fall, with only a few reports.
  • High counts?
  • number of records outside Juneau + GB?
Northern Shoveler FC U FC VR Y Fairly common in migration across most of the region (except for Northeast?). Rare in summer, with breeding reported from the northern mainland, and Rare in Winter, with some fall migrants lingering into winter, and occasional small numbers over wintering.
  • Locations/abundance of nesting?
  • Typical migration period?
Gadwall U R U R Y Uncommon migrant throughout much of the region. Apparently unusual at Skagway, and Rare in Spring at Yakutat. Rare region-wide in summer, with confirmed breeding at Juneau on at least a handful of occasions.

Rare to Uncommon in winter, with patchy distribution.

  • Haines and Skagway really so different?
  • Any more recent breeding occurrences than mentioned in Kessel + Gibson?
Eurasian Wigeon R VR VR VR - A regular but rare migrant, with most observations of only one or two birds. Rare in Spring. Casual in summer, a Very Rare to Rare in Fall and Winter, with reports from somewhere in the region most recent years.
  • Update SE F + W to Rare?
  • Update KTN F to + or VR?
  • Increasing in frequency over the past 20 years or so?
American Wigeon C U C U Y Common migrant, Rare to Uncommon in other seasons. Nesting known from around Juneau (Accidental) and Yakutat (Uncommon).

Highest counts are typically observed near Gustavus or Juneau. Appears to be more commo in the northern part of the region in summer.

  • other references for Yakutat nesting?
  • Nesting in northern Lynn Canal?
Mallard C C C C Y Common throughout the region year-round, with both year-round residents and migrants or wintering birds present seasonally.

Found on lakes, rivers, and in estuaries or along ocean shorelines (though stays with open water in the winter).

  • Note on feral birds? Present in Sitka, but not sure about elsewhere - do they make up the bulk of the summer birds?
American Black Duck + - - + - Accidental from Gustavus in Winter (and Spring?) where a male was reported in multiple winters starting in 1969.
Northern Pintail C U C U Y
Green-winged Teal C U C U Y
Canvasback R VR R VR -
Redhead R VR R VR Y
Ring-necked Duck U R U R Y
Tufted Duck - - + + - Accidental from Petersburg and Haines (near Pyramid Island in Mud Bay, which is located just south of Haines 9 May 2011)
Greater Scaup C U C FC Y
Lesser Scaup FC R FC R Y
Steller's Eider VR + VR VR -
King Eider VR + + VR - Casual in Southeast from Juneau and Petersburg.
Common Eider VR VR VR VR Y Formerly nested at Glacier Bay, but not in recent years.
Harlequin Duck FC FC FC FC Y
Surf Scoter C FC C C -
White-winged Scoter C FC C C -
Black Scoter U R U U -
Long-tailed Duck FC R FC C Y
Bufflehead C VR C C -
Common Goldeneye FC R FC FC Y
Barrow's Goldeneye C U C C Y
Hooded Merganser U R U U Y
Common Merganser C FC C FC Y
Red-breasted Merganser FC U FC FC Y
Ruddy Duck + + VR + - Casual in the region, with scattered reports from all seasons, though most are from the fall (cf several QBR). Over 20 records.
  • Full list of records?
  • Juneau VR in Spring - should SEAK be same?
  • High count of two in Sitka, any equal or higher counts?
Ruffed Grouse R R R R Y Restricted to major mainland river valleys and Hyder.
Spruce Grouse R R R R Y Known from Prince of Wales Island and associated outer islands as well as Haines and Skagway.
Willow Ptarmigan FC FC FC FC Y
Rock Ptarmigan C C C C Y
White-tailed Ptarmigan U U U U Y
Sooty Grouse C C C C Y
Pied-billed Grebe VR + R VR + The only grebe likely to be found on freshwater in Southeast Alaska, this species is a regular visitor to the region, though only in small numbers. There are at least three breeding records, most recent at Swan Lake in Sitka both 2010 and 2011.
Horned Grebe FC VR FC FC -
Red-necked Grebe FC R FC FC Y
Eared Grebe + - - - - Accidental in spring in Southeast Alaska with a report from Juneau.
Western Grebe U VR U U -
Band-tailed Pigeon R R R - Y
Eurasian Collared-Dove U U U R Y In Southeast Alaska by 2007 (with perhaps a couple of prior reports), this species is a recent arrival to the region. Numbers have been increasing, however, with 100+ birds thought to be Ketchikan by Fall 2011. Although local abundance information does not currently reflect it, this species is expected to occur throughout the region, primarily in association with human settlements (small and large).
White-winged Dove - - + + - Accidental from Skagway (October 1981) and Wrangell (September 2007, December 2014, June 2015).
Mourning Dove VR VR R + -
Common Cuckoo - + - - - A single sighting on Harbor Mountain at Sitka, June 9-13 is the only record.
Common Nighthawk - R R - Y
Black Swift + R R - Y
Vaux's Swift U U U - Y
Anna's Hummingbird VR VR R R -
Costa's Hummingbird - - + - - Accidental at Auke Bay.
Rufous Hummingbird C C U + C
Virginia Rail VR VR + + -
Sora R R R + Y
American Coot R + R R -
Sandhill Crane U R U VR Y
American Avocet - + - - - Reported from Juneau and Haines.
Black Oystercatcher U U U R Y
Black-bellied Plover FC R FC + -
European Golden-Plover - - - + - A single winter record from Ketchikan (Jan 2001) [1]
American Golden Plover U R U - -
Pacific Golden Plover R - R + - Rare spring migrant (mid-April - early May; one early March record from Gustavus). Rare fall migrant (late-August - October, occasional stragglers into November). A single late December record from Sitka is the only winter report.
Killdeer U U U R Y
Semipalmated Plover FC FC FC + Y
Upland Sandpiper VR VR VR - -
Bristle-thighed Curlew + - - - -
Whimbrel U R U - -
Long-billed Curlew + - - - - Two unsubstantiated sight records at the Stikine River Mouth (May 1992), and Situk River (May 2008). Reported with photos from Juneau, early May 2014.
Bar-tailed Godwit VR + VR - -
Hudsonian Godwit R R VR - -
Marbled Godwit R + VR - -
Ruddy Turnstone FC U FC - -
Black Turnstone FC R FC FC -
Red Knot R + VR - -
Surfbird U R U R -
Ruff VR + VR - -
Sharp-tailed Sandpiper VR - R - - Very Rare in Spring, Rare in Fall.
Stilt Sandpiper VR VR R - -
Curlew Sandpiper + - + - - Reported from Gustavus.
Long-toed Stint + - - - - Accidental in Spring.
Red-necked Stint - + + - - Sight records from Glacier Bay, 23 July 1965 and Juneau, 28 May 2012. Photo documented in Juneau, 8-9 July 2012 and Taylor Bay 15 June 2016.
Sanderling U R U R -
Dunlin C + U U -
Rock Sandpiper FC + FC FC -
Baird's Sandpiper U R U - -
Least Sandpiper C U C - Y
White-rumped Sandpiper + + + - -
Buff-breasted Sandpiper + - VR - -
Pectoral Sandpiper FC R FC - -
Semipalmated Sandpiper U R U - -
Western Sandpiper C U C - -
Short-billed Dowitcher FC R FC - Y
Long-billed Dowitcher U R U + -
Wilson's Snipe FC FC FC R Y
Spotted Sandpiper FC FC FC + Y
Solitary Sandpiper R R R - Y
Wandering Tattler R R R - -
Lesser Yellowlegs U U FC - Y
Greater Yellowlegs C FC C VR Y
Wilson's Phalarope VR VR + - -
Red-necked Phalarope C U C + Y
Red Phalarope R VR R + -
South Polar Skua - + + - - Presumed Accidental to Very Rare off-shore in summer.
Pomarine Jaeger VR R U - -
Parasitic Jaeger U U U - Y
Long-tailed Jaeger R R R - -
Common Murre C FC C C Y
Thick-billed Murre R R R R Y This species occurs primarily along the outer coast. It nests in fair numbers on St. Lazaria though foraging habits seem to take it off-shore, and it is not commonly observed in near shore waters, even near the cliffs where it nests.
Black Guillemot - - - + - One found in Ketchikan December 2012 was well outside the southern edge of its normal range in the Bering Sea.
Pigeon Guillemot C C U U Y
Long-billed Murrelet - - - - - Unsubstantiated reports from Sitka and Glacier Bay, apparently a collection taken near Howkan in 1897 originally identified as Marbled Murrelet was more recently determined to be this species. Given native range and patterns of vagrancy, could be expected to occur in the region from time to time. However poor coverage of the coastal waters and this species' similarity to the abundant Marbled Murrelet make detection unlikely if/when it does occur.
Marbled Murrelet C C C C C
Kittlitz's Murrelet U U R VR Y
Ancient Murrelet FC FC FC U Y
Cassin's Auklet U U U U Y Apparently most common offshore, but occasionally seen near shore and in inside waters.
Parakeet Auklet R + + + Y
Crested Auklet - - + - -
Rhinoceros Auklet FC FC FC VR Y
Horned Puffin R R R VR Y
Tufted Puffin U U U VR Y
Black-legged Kittiwake FC U FC R Y
Ivory Gull - + + + -
Sabine's Gull R VR R - -
Bonaparte's Gull C FC C VR Y
Black-headed Gull - + + - - Observed at Eagle Beach 11 May 2011 (Mark Schwan)
Little Gull VR - + - - Reported from Juneau, Ptersburg, Hoonah, Wrangell, and Ketchikan.
Ross's Gull - + + - -
Franklin's Gull + VR VR - -
Black-tailed Gull - + + - - Reported from Juneau, Petersburg, and Ketchikan.
Heermann's Gull - - VR - -
Mew Gull C C C C Y
Ring-billed Gull R R R VR -
Western Gull VR + R VR -
California Gull R R U + -
Herring Gull C FC C FC Y
Iceland Gull FC R FC U -
Lesser Black-backed Gull + + + + - Accidental at Juneau, though the same bird returned each summer from 1991-2010. Late October, 2020 record at Hoonah.
Slaty-backed Gull VR - VR VR -
Glaucous-winged Gull C C C C Y
Glaucous Gull R VR R R -
Aleutian Tern R R + - Y Rare from Yakutat down the Northern Gulf Coast and in to Glacier Bay.
Caspian Tern R R R - Y Numbers seem to be increasing in recent years.
Black Tern + + + - - Records from Haines (2018), Wrangell, Juneau and Glacier Bay.
Arctic Tern FC FC FC - Y
Red-throated Loon FC U FC R Y
Pacific Loon C U FC FC -
Common Loon FC U FC U Y
Yellow-billed Loon U R U U -
Laysan Albatross R VR + - - Poor coverage offshore makes it difficult to determine seasonal abundance of this species, though reports have been made February through August.
Black-footed Albatross FC FC FC - -
Short-tailed Albatross + - - - -
Fork-tailed Storm-Petrel C C C R Y
Leach's Storm-Petrel U FC FC + Y
Northern Fulmar U U U U -
Mottled Petrel R R R - -
Buller's Shearwater R R R - -
Short-tailed Shearwater R R R - -
Sooty Shearwater C C C - -
Pink-footed Shearwater R R R - -
Manx Shearwater + + - - -
Magnificent Frigatebird - - + - - Accidental in Southeast.
Brown Booby - + + - - Four reports, the first came in on a fishing boat to Sitka October 30, 2014. Additional report from Wrangell Narrows (Summer 2015?), and two reports from near Sitka (same bird?) in late fall 2018.
Brandt's Cormorant R R R R Y Presumed to occur across far southern southeast from late fall through early spring. Breeding colonies have been observed on small islands off the outer coast. Apparently not recorded from inside waters north of Ketchikan.

Most reports are from late fall through early spring in the Ketchikan area where they are considered Uncommon in this season. Spring reports of single birds from Sitka in several recent years.

Red-faced Cormorant - - - + -
Pelagic Cormorant C U C FC Y
Double-crested Cormorant U R U U Y
American White Pelican - + - - - Accidental in Southeast; Petersburg, Klawock, and Ketchikan.
Brown Pelican + - + + - Accidental - three sightings Ketchikan, one from Wrangell. The most recent was Behm Canal, late April 2020.
American Bittern R R R - Y
Great Blue Heron FC FC FC U Y
Great Egret + + + + -
Tricolored Heron + - - - - Photograph from the Stikine River in 1980s. Also reported from the Chickamin River.
Cattle Egret - - VR + - A few scattered reports, most recently two showed up in Wrangell and Pertersburg October 2014.
Green Heron - + - - -
Black-crowned Night-heron + + - - -
White-faced Ibis + - - - - Records from Klawock, 19 May 2016 [2], and Haines, 22 May 2016 [3].
Turkey Vulture + - + - - Accidental from Juneau, Wrangell, and Ketchikan.
Osprey R R R - Y
Golden Eagle R R R R Y
Northern Harrier U VR U VR Y
Sharp-shinned Hawk FC U FC R Y
Northern Goshawk U U U U Y
Bald Eagle C C C C C
Steller's Sea-Eagle + + + + - From the Taku River Valley where it was present for several year in the 1980s.
Swainson's Hawk VR - VR - -
Red-tailed Hawk U U U VR Y
Rough-legged Hawk R + R VR -
Western Screech-Owl R R R R Y This species seems to be Rare in most of the region, but uncommon in Sitka, where it is the most commonly reported owl.
Great Horned Owl U U U U Y
Snowy Owl + - VR VR -
Northern Hawk Owl R VR R R Y
Northern Pygmy-Owl R R R R Y
Barred Owl U U U U Y
Great Gray Owl VR VR VR VR VR Very Rare in all seasons, known primarily from the northern mainland part of the region.
Long-eared Owl + - + + - Casual from Gustavus, the Taku River and Juneau.
Short-eared Owl U VR FC R Y
Boreal Owl VR VR VR R -
Northern Saw-whet Owl R R R R Y
Belted Kingfisher FC FC FC FC Y
Lewis's Woodpecker - - + - - A single report 12 November 2016 in Petersburg (with photos).
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker + - - + - One at Gustavus 5 May 2015 found by Nat Drumheller is apparently only record for the region. (Though it was apparently on the SE checklist previously for winter - need to follow up and check this.)
Red-breasted Sapsucker FC FC FC R Y
American Three-toed Woodpecker R R R R Y
Black-backed Woodpecker VR VR VR - -
Downy Woodpecker R R R R Y
Hairy Woodpecker U U U U Y
Northern Flicker U U U R Y
American Kestrel U VR U VR Y
Merlin U R U R Y
Gyrfalcon VR - VR VR -
Peregrine Falcon R R R VR Y
Ash-throated Flycatcher - - + - - Documented in Ketchikan, 7 November 2012. Single sight record in Auke Bay 20 July 1999.
Great Crested Flycatcher - - + - - Accidental from Juneau, 29-30 September 2009.
Tropical Kingbird - - VR - - Observed in Ketchikan on four occasions, and in Sitka once.
Western Kingbird + VR + - -
Eastern Kingbird - VR VR - -
Scissor-tailed Flycatcher - + - - - Records from Juneau, Gustavus, and Sitka.
Olive-sided Flycatcher U U U - Y
Western Wood-Pewee U U U - Y
Yellow-bellied Flycatcher - VR - - - Casual(?) along the mainland with reports from Yakutat, Gustavus, Skagway, Juneau, Petersburg, and Hyder.
Alder Flycatcher R U U - Y Apparently Uncommon to Fairly Common along much the central mainland, with abundance dropping off to Very Rare on the outer islands. Along major mainland rivers, preferred habitat is shrubs along fresh water marshes, so lack of that habitat may play a role in the relative scarcity on the islands.
Willow Flycatcher - VR - -  ? Very Rare, primarily on the mainland. One probable nesting record from Hyder in 2015 (I. Helmricks, S. Heinl).
Least Flycatcher + VR - - - Very Rare; mostly on mainland and more in the south.
Hammond's Flycatcher R R R - Y
Dusky Flycatcher + - + - - Reported from Stikine River Mouth, Juneau, Icy Cape and Hyder. Also from Dyea (2 July 2009).
Pacific-slope Flycatcher C C U - Y
Eastern Phoebe + + - - - Accidental on the mainland.
Say's Phoebe R R R + Y
Brown Shrike - - + - -
Northern Shrike U - U R -
Cassin's Vireo VR VR + - Y Casual in spring and summer, primarily on the mainland. This species has also been reported in Petersburg and Hoonah.
Warbling Vireo FC FC FC - Y Uncommon on the mainland.
Red-eyed Vireo R R R - Y Rare on the mainland.
Steller's Jay C C C C Y
Clark's Nutcracker VR + VR VR -
Black-billed Magpie U R FC FC Y
Northwestern Crow C C C C C
Common Raven C C C C C
Horned Lark R VR R + Y Primarily a migrant most often occurring on the mainland.
Bank Swallow U U U - Y
Tree Swallow FC FC FC - Y
Violet-green Swallow FC U U - Y
Northern Rough-winged Swallow R R VR - Y
Purple Martin + - + - -
Barn Swallow FC FC FC - Y
Cliff Swallow R R R - Y
Black-capped Chickadee R R R R Y
Mountain Chickadee VR VR VR VR -
Chestnut-backed Chickadee C C C C Y
Boreal Chickadee + - VR VR - Casual visitor from interior, mostly on the mainland.
Red-breasted Nuthatch U U U R Y
Brown Creeper U U U U Y Uncommon to Fairly Common year-round resident. Cryptic plumage and habits make it a challenge to see at times. May be observed where there are good sized trees or forest, both conifer and deciduous.
Pacific Wren C C C U Y
American Dipper FC FC FC FC Y
Golden-crowned Kinglet C C C C Y
Ruby-crowned Kinglet C C C VR C
Northern Wheatear + - VR - - Accidental migrant with fall records from Haines and Juneau and a single spring report from Sitka.
Mountain Bluebird R + VR + -
Townsend's Solitaire R R R + Y
Veery + + - - - Reported from Hyder and a single bird at Juneau (June 2014).
Gray-cheeked Thrush R R R - Y
Swainson's Thrush C C C - Y
Hermit Thrush C C C VR Y
Dusky Thrush + - + + - Accidental from Juneau, Sitka, and Petersburg.
American Robin C C C R Y
Varied Thrush C C C U Y
Gray Catbird + VR - - - Reported from Stikine River Mouth (July 1997), Wrangell (June 2009, July 2019), Sitka (June 2010, September 2018), and Gustavus (May 2015).
Brown Thrasher - + - - - Accidental from Ketchikan
Northern Mockingbird + + + + -
European Starling U U U U Y
Bohemian Waxwing U R U U Y
Cedar Waxwing VR U R VR Y
Siberian Accentor - - + - -
House Sparrow + + VR VR Y Established in small numbers at Ketchikan, with individuals reported from Petersburg (1987, 2012-2013), Wrangell (2012), and Juneau.
Eastern Yellow Wagtail - + + - - Accidental from Juneau
White Wagtail + + + + - Accidental from Ketchikan.
Red-throated Pipit - - VR - - Reported from Juneau and Ketchikan.
American Pipit C FC C VR Y Common migrant and breeder along the mainland spring through fall. Less common on the outer islands, but still not rare. Absent to Very Rare in winter, with most reports coming from Sitka or Ketchikan.
Brambling VR - VR VR -
Evening Grosbeak VR + VR VR -
Pine Grosbeak U U FC FC Y
Eurasian Bullfinch + - - - - Accidental with two reports from Petersburg - first in March 1962, second in March 2011.
Gray-crowned Rosy-finch U U U R Y
House Finch VR VR + - - Reported from Ketchikan, Hyder, and Haines.
Purple Finch VR + VR VR - Most likely to be found in Ketchikan where it is very rare, there are also reports of this species from Skagway, Klukwan, Sitka, Juneau, and Wrangell.
Cassin's Finch - - + - - Casual in Ketchikan.
Common Redpoll FC U FC FC Y
Hoary Redpoll VR - - R -
Red Crossbill FC FC FC FC Y
White-winged Crossbill U U U U U
Pine Siskin C C C C C
American Goldfinch + + + - -
Lapland Longspur U - U VR -
Smith's Longspur + - VR - -
Snow Bunting U R U U Y
McKay's Bunting - - - + - Reported from Gustavus/Glacier Bay.
Rustic Bunting - - + - - Individuals reported from Juneau, Sitka, and at least two from Mitkof Island.
Lark Sparrow - - + - -
Chipping Sparrow R R R VR Y
Clay-colored Sparrow + - + - -
Brewer's Sparrow + + + - -
Fox Sparrow C C C R Y
American Tree Sparrow U + U R -
Dark-eyed Junco C C C C Y
White-crowned Sparrow U VR U R Y
Golden-crowned Sparrow FC U U R Y
Harris's Sparrow VR + R R -
White-throated Sparrow VR + R R -
Vesper Sparrow - + - - -
LeConte's Sparrow - - + - - A single October record from Sitka (2018-10-13, C. Goff, photos [4])
Savannah Sparrow C U C VR Y
Song Sparrow FC FC FC U Y
Lincoln's Sparrow C C C R Y
Swamp Sparrow + + VR VR -
Spotted Towhee + - + VR - Casual at Juneau, Accidental in Ketchikan (a single female starting 31 March 2011 was the first record).
Yellow-headed Blackbird + + + - -
Bobolink + + + - - At least three records, one late spring (2015) at Ketchikan, one early summer (2013) at Sitka, and a fall record at Ketchikan.
Western Meadowlark + - VR VR -
Orchard Oriole - - + - -
Hooded Oriole - - + - - Single report from Juneau, 19-20 September 2015. First state record (needs to be accepted by state records committee).
Bullock's Oriole + - + - -
Red-winged Blackbird U U U VR Y
Brown-headed Cowbird R R R + Y
Rusty Blackbird U R U R Y
Brewer's Blackbird VR - VR VR -
Common Grackle + - + + - Reported from Ketchikan, Juneau, and Yakutat.
Ovenbird - + - - - Reported from Douglas.
Northern Waterthrush U U U - Y
Black-and-white Warbler + + + - - Casual with records from Juneau, Gustavus, Hyder, and Ketchikan.
Tennessee Warbler VR R VR - Y
Orange-crowned Warbler C C C + Y
Nashville Warbler - - + - - Accidental in late Fall, with records from Juneau, Ketchikan and Sitka.
MacGillivray's Warbler U U U - Y Uncommon along the mainland.
Mourning Warbler - + - - - Reported from Juneau.
Common Yellowthroat U U U - Y
American Redstart U U U - Y Uncommon along the mainland, especially transboundary rivers.
Cape May Warbler + - + - - A Fall 1961 record from Haines, a Spring 2011 record from Juneau, and one from Sitka in November 2016.
Northern Parula - + - - - The only record is a singing bird first found by Heinl and Piston in Ketchikan, June 28th, 2017.
Magnolia Warbler + VR + - - Very Rare along the mainland
Yellow Warbler C C C + Y
Chestnut-sided Warbler - + - - - Accidental at Ketchikan in June 1997. Only other reports from the state are Middleton Island in 1981 and 2012.
Blackpoll Warbler VR R VR - Y
Black-throated Blue Warbler - - + - - Single report from Tee Harbor near Juneau.
Palm Warbler + - VR + - Casual, mostly on or near the mainland.
Yellow-rumped Warbler C FC C VR Y
Yellow-throated Warbler - - + - - Single report from Glacier Bay National Park office in Bartlett Cove, September 2015.
Prairie Warbler - - + - - Accidental in Ketchikan.
Black-throated Gray Warbler - + + - - First documented (with photos) in Hyder, June 2016 (Steve Heinl, Lynn Barber, Louann Feldmann). Previously a single sight record from Petersburg (Peter Walsh, 1989). Additional records from 2018 in Ketchikan (October 18, Steve Heinl) and Sitka (Oct 31-Nov ??, mult obs)
Townsend's Warbler C C C - Y
Black-throated Green Warbler - + - - - One Summer record from Chichagof Island.
Wilson's Warbler FC FC FC - Y
Western Tanager U U U - Y
Rose-breasted Grosbeak - - + - - Only a few records, including from Petersburg, Douglas, Juneau, Annette Island, Sitka, and Ketchikan.
Black-headed Grosbeak + VR + - -
Blue Grosbeak - - + - - Accidental from Petersburg, Skagway, and Gustavus
Lazuli Bunting - + + - - Accidental with spring, summer, and fall records. Including 26 June 2009 in Ketchikan
Indigo Bunting - + + - - Summer records from Juneau and Wrangell. One Fall record from Ketchikan found 12 Nov 2020 (S. Heinl).
Dickcissel + - - - - Accidental from Juneau.

Locally Introduced, Domestic, Escaped, or Other Exotic

Species   Sp     Su     F     W     Br     Notes  

Rock Pigeon FC FC FC FC Y Restricted to populated areas where they have been introduced.
Demoiselle Crane + - - - - An individual of this species was observed in Glacier Bay. However, it was thought to be an individual previously observed in California, which was not accepted as naturally occurring, and therefore not included on the AOU checklist. See the pdf linked below (under related files) for a full report of the sighting.


Species   Sp     Su     F     W     Br     Notes  

Clark's Grebe - - - - - Unsubstantiated in the state. Sight records from Petersburg and Juneau
Calliope Hummingbird - - - - - Unsubstantiated sight records from Juneau, Petersburg, and Little Port Walter.
Little Curlew - - - - -
Red-legged Kittiwake - - -  ? - Unsubstantiated.
Laughing Gull - - - - - Considered unsubstantiated in the state until 2010, when a bird was photographed in Kodiak. In the region,reports of this species have included sightings at Yakutat, Icy Strait, and Auke Bay.
Cook's Petrel - -  ? - - Five were reported from the eastern Gulf of Alaska (59.4145 N 144.28369 W) early September 2013 near the northwestern limits of Southeast Alaska waters.
Flesh-footed Shearwater -  ?  ? - - Considered unsubstantiated in the state, though there are apparently multiple sight reports. Reported from well off-shore in the area off Icy Cape. A bird thought to be this species was photographed from the M/V Kennicott on the cross-gulf run out of Yakutat in August 2013, but has yet to be reviewed.
Snowy Egret - - - - -
Cooper's Hawk - - - - - Apparently multiple Unsubstantiated reports from Juneau.
Red-shouldered Hawk - - - - -
Pileated Woodpecker - -  ? - - Likely to occur in the region on occasion, this species has been reported multiple times, but the status remains unsubstantiated.
Eyebrowed Thrush  ? - - - - Unsubstantiated spring report from Juneau.
Chestnut-collared Longspur - - - - - Unsubstantiated; sight record from Juneau.
Connecticut Warbler - - - - - Listed on Haines checklist, though this seems likely to be an error.
Bay-breasted Warbler - - - - - Unsubstantiated; sight records from Juneau and Petersburg.
Hermit Warbler - - - - - Unsubstantiated; sight record from Juneau.


Local Checklists

Other lists relevant to the region that are available on-line:

Southeast Alaska Quarterly Bird Reports (Fall 2008 - Fall 2018)

Other Regional and Statewide References