Bazzania pearsonii

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Bazzania pearsonii:

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Worley's Map of Collection Records for Bazzania pearsonii

Ian Worley

Southeastern Alaska Distribution: Most common on islands nearer the open sea, there from near sea level to the subalpine; also on inner islands at elevations above 1500 ft. Widespread and not uncommon, but often local.
Habitat: In southeastern Alaska almost exclusively in peatlands, especially at higher elevations (1000 ft. - 1800 ft.), sloping peatlands, or fens. Usually mixed with other bryophytes, particularly other hepatics, notably Pleurozia purpurea, Herberta himalayana, Anastrepta orcadensis, Bazzania tricrenata, and other more common species. the plants are most commonly found either on banks or under the low-hanging branches of stunted, shrub-trees and shrubs. In the Queen Charlotte Islands the species is best developed on somewhat shaded humid cliffs, but also occurs on rotten logs, sometimes as an epiphyte, and in tundra or peatland sites (Schofield, 1968b). The cliff, rock, ledge and epiphytic habitats are also the common sites for the species in the remainder of the range.
Comments: Dioicous, the plants are always sterile in southeastern Alaska, It is unexpected that there should be no records of B. pearsonii from rock or cliffs in southeastern Alaska, but it can certainly be expected from these habitats when more of the “wet climate” area is investigated.

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