Aulacomnium androgynum

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Aulacomnium androgynum: for more photos, see Sitka Nature Photo Gallery for Aulacomnium androgynum
Aulacomnium androgynum:

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Worley's Map of Collection Records for Aulacomnium androgynum

Ian Worley

Southeastern Alaska Distribution: See Map 130. Throughout. Previously infrequently reported.
Habitat: In southeastern Alaska on decaying wood, especially stranded driftwood on sunny beaches, on stumps at maritime forest margins, sometimes on peaty banks, and on old wharfs and buildings. Always where sunny and dryish.
Comments: This species is commonly with gemmae. The species, in this district, is as restricted to maritime environments as Grimmia maritima and Ulota phyllantha, a tendency which may prevail throughout the Alaskan portion of its range.

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