Asterella lindenbergiana

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Asterella lindenbergiana: Rosette forming thallose liverwort. The skirt-like fringe on the margin of the sporophytes is unique to this genus. The thallose pores have a star-like appearance visible with hand lens

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Ian Worley

Southeastern Alaska Distribution: Not previously reported. Ridge of mainland immediately above Sebree Cove and west of Caroline Point, Glacier Bay, in heather slopes, 2200 ft., Worley, Boas, Lawrence, Reiners and Taylor 10374 (in part). Juneau, Mt. Roberts trail, W ridge of Gastineau Peak, alpine gully, ca. 2800 ft., Worley and Boas 11436.
Habitat: On slopes or soil-covered cliffs in alpine meadows and cliffs, soil at rock bases, mud among rocks in late snow patches.
Comments: Usually fertile. Although nowhere common, the species appears to be rather widespread in western North America.

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