Apotreubia nana

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Apotreubia nana: Apparently present in the vicinity of Beaver Lake.

Local Notes

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Other References

Ian Worley
[as Treubia nana]
Southeastern Alaska Distribution: Not previously known. Baranof Island, 6 miles SE of Sitka, rounded tableland between Blue Lake and Silver Bay, 800 ft., Worley and Hamilton 9414.
Habitat: Moist, partially shaded grassy slope between outcrops of rocks on sparsely vegetated roche mountonee, among hepatics. British Columbia: On earth of upturned stump in coniferous forest near sea level (Hattori, et al, 1966). Wet boggy open slope. Bog. (Schofield, 1968b).
Comments: This species has not been found in fruit.

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