Anthoxanthum hirtum

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Northern Sweetgrass: for more photos, see Sitka Nature Photo Gallery for Anthoxanthum hirtum
Northern Sweetgrass (Anthoxanthum hirtum): Collections from across much of the region, though apparently none from the southern outer islands.

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Other References

  • Hall 2010: "Moist meadows, marshes, tide flats, stream banks and less commonly on dry sites in arctic and alpine tundra. Common."
  • Skinner, et al 2012: "Native grass found in wet meadows, bogs, and moist riparian zones. culms dispersed, flowering in late summer. Noticed by the inflorescence which often stands out from the surrounding vegetation by shape and glossy color. Has a sweet odor when burned and is distinctly tawny colored."
  • Muller: "gen; upper beach, meadows, open forest"

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