Anoectangium aestivum

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Anoectangium aestivum: Worley's map and species account do not seem to be concordant. The map does match the UBC herbarium database for this species. Volume 27 of the Flora of North America describes the habitat of A. aestivum as calcareous or non calcareous rock, sandstone walls, rock ledges, exposed moist crevices and wet areas from 10-3300 m.

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Worley's Map of Collection Records for Anoectangium aestivum

Ian Worley

Southeastern Alaska Distribution: Previously known only from Dyea Creek (Harvill, 1947).
Habitat: On dry, sunny rocks and soil, also on trees.
Comments: The Saginaw Bay collection is only the third from Alaska. It was in abundance and fertile, festooning limestone cliffs and boulders. With the exception of the curious report from Attu Island in the Aleutians this species is generally restricted to Mediterranean climates, or (in southeastern Alaska) dry, edaphically and climatically, environments.

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This species was collected from below the dam at Blue lake and above tree line on Harbor Mtn in the Sitka area.