American Crow

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Northwestern Crow: for more photos, see Sitka Nature Photo Gallery for Corvus caurinus
Locale   Sp     Su     F     W     Br  
SE Alaska (edit) C C C C C
Yakutat (edit) C C C C C
Skagway (edit) C C C R +
Haines (edit) C C C C Y
Glacier Bay (edit) C C C C Y
Juneau (edit) C C C C C
Sitka (edit) C C C C Y
Stikine (edit)
S Outer Islands (edit)
Ketchikan (edit) C C C C C
Offshore (edit)
Northwestern Crow (Corvus caurinus):

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|Summary=Abundant in all seasons. |occurence plot=Northwestern.Crow.png |nonbreeding habitat=Residential, Tideflat, |food=Malus fusca, |spring=Common |summer=Common |fall=Common |winter=Common |breeding=Common |webster=Abundant resident along all salt-water beaches. Nests were reported by Bischoff (Dall and Bannister 1869) in 1866; from St Lazaria Island by Grinnell (1898) from St. Lazaria and Biorka Islands in 1912 or 1913 by Willett (1914); from Patterson Bay, Chichagof Island, in 1920 by Bailey (1927). I watched a nest in 1934 and found two nests with young in 1940, and found one with three eggs 10 June 1985. }}