All Species Community Big Year

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Combinging ideas from bioblitz and birding's big year, we have the All Species Community Big Year (ASCBY) project idea. Like a bioblitz, the goal is to document/report as many different species as possible in an area with as much public participation as possible. Like a big year, the project takes place over the course of a calendar year, thereby allowing observation and/or documentation of species that may not be feasible to observe during the a limited period bioblitz.

  • Mini-blitz/cleanups.
  • Specialist speakers with weekend outings
  • Regular (monthly?) gatherings to share collections/photos/observations
  • Regular (monthly?) outings by locations and/or themes?
  • Open Mics with nature themes?
  • Nature grind (connections to place).

We did a version of this in 2017 [1]