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Family: Agonidae

Group: Fish, Species

Scientific NameCommon NameSummary
Agonomalus mozinoikelp poacher
Agonopsis vulsanorthern spearnose poacherScattered reports in the region.
Anoplagonus inermissmooth alligatorfishExpected throughout the region.
Bathyagonus alascanusgray starsnoutExpected throughout the region.
Bathyagonus infraspinatusspinycheek starsnoutExpected throughout the region.
Bathyagonus nigripinnisblackfin poacherExpected throughout the region.
Bathyagonus pentacanthusbigeye poacherA single record from west of Dall Island.
Bothragonus swaniirockheadApparently not especially common, this species has been reported at several locations throughout the region.
Chesnonia verrucosawarty poacherReported from Shelikof Bay, near Sitka.
Hypsagonus quadricornisfourhorn poacherFound throughout the region.
Leptagonus frenatussawback poacherExpected throughout the region.
Odontopyxis trispinosapygmy poacherReported from a few locations in the region.
Pallasina barbatatubenose poacher
Percis japonicadragon poacherA single record from off of Icy Bay for this primarily Asian species.
Podothecus accipenserinussturgeon poacherExpected throughout the region.
Stellerina xyosternapricklebreast poacherCollected at Icy Bay and just south of the border.
Xeneretmus leiopssmootheye poacherA single record from near Forrester Island