Platanthera hyperborea

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Northern Bog-orchid (Platanthera hyberborea): There are a handful of collection in ARCTOS from the far northern mainland identified as this species.

This species was included in both the preliminary checklist (as var. hyperborea) and in Hall's 2010 treatment (where she says it also includes P. convallariifolia).

FNA suggests this species only occurs in Greenland, but notes it has been confused with Northern Green Bog Orchid (Platanthera aquilonis), and e-Flora BC redirects this species to P. aquilonis, so that seems like the most likely option for which species Muller's treatment referred to.

Hall's 2010 treatment may be better referring to Green Bog-orchid (Platanthera huronensis), however.

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Other References

  • Muller: [as Habenaria hyperborea var hyperborea] NE & ex N; muskegs, open wet areas, meadows
  • Hall 2010: [as P. hyperborea] "Stream beds, lake margins, seeps, meadows and open woods in southern and west-central Alaska."

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