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Family: Orchidaceae

Group: Vascular Plant, Species

Scientific NameCommon NameSummary
Amerorchis rotundifoliaRoundleaf OrchidThis species has not been collected in Southeast Alaska, though there are several collections on the BC side of the border between Skagway and Whitehorse (see e-flora BC link below). However based on the collection records through out BC and Alaska, it appears this species is typically found on the landward side of the coastal mountains, so it may not occur anywhere in Southeast Alaska.
Calypso bulbosaFairy SlipperBased on collections and reports, this species seems to be found almost entirely in spruce forests near shorelines, primarily on small islands (though it is abundant in locations on Kruzof Island near Sitka). One collection inland from Haines is an exception. These are presumed to be var. occidentalis though the FNA distribution map does not have this species occurring much in our region. Do our restricted coastal populations possibly show genetic evidence of separation from the rest of the species throughout the bulk of its range? A few scattered collections from the region - primarily from the islands.
Coeloglossum virideLong-bracted Bog-orchidA few collections, most from the northern mainland, though also collected on Chichagof Island and the central mainland. Associated with limestone?
Corallorhiza maculataSpotted CoralrootARCTOS has several collection records from Southeast Alaska, though none from after 1993. The distribution map in FNA suggests this species does not occur in our region, but the similar looking C. mertensiana does. C. mertensiana was formerly considered a subspecies of C. maculata, and it is likely the collections labeled as C. maculata are older collections which would be better called C. mertensiana at this time.
Corallorhiza mertensianaMertens' CoralrootLocally abundant and widespread in forested areas. Collections in ARCTOS mostly from the southern 2/3 of the region, but also from Haines. Probably all the collections in ARCTOS as Corallorhia maculata would now be considered this species.
Corallorhiza trifidaNorthern Coral-rootCollections in ARCTOS from northern Chichagof Island and the northern mainland. Has also occurred on Baranof Island.
Cypripedium montanumMountain Lady's Slipper
Cypripedium parviflorumGreater Yellow Lady's Slipper
Cypripedium passerinumNorthern Lady's-slipperCollected from near Haines
Goodyera oblongifoliaRattlesnake PlantainEvergreen orchid found in uplifted beach forests. The white central stripe and netting of the leaves is unmistakable.
Listera borealisNorthern Twayblade
Listera caurinaNorthwestern TwaybladeLocally uncommon small orchid of moderately to higly productive forests. The broad entire lip of the flower and broad leaves distinguish this species from Heart-leaved Twayblade (Listera cordata).
Listera convallaroidesBroad-lipped Twayblade
Listera cordataHeart-leaved TwaybladeSmall two-leaved perennial orchid common in moderately to highly productive forests
Malaxis monophyllosWhite Adder's-mouth
Malaxis paludosaBog Adder's-mouth
Piperia candidaWhite-lip Rein OrchidNo collections from Southeast Alaska. This species' primary range is western Washington, Oregon and Northern California. It is considered rare in BC where it has apparently been found on Dundas Island, not far south of the border with Alaska, so it may yet be found in the extreme southern part of our region.
Piperia unalascensisAlaska Bog-orchid
Platanthera aquilonisNorthern Green Bog Orchid
Platanthera chorisianaChoris' Bog-orchidInfrequently found small orchid of bogs. The two oval basal leaves and spurred flowers distinguish it from other bog orchids.
Platanthera dilatataWhite Bog-orchidSlender white flowered orchid found in beach meadows and rich fens.
Platanthera huronensisGreen Bog-orchidCollection records suggest this species is found primarily in the northern part of Southeast Alaska.
Platanthera obtusataSmall Bog-orchidA small whitish green flowered orchid found in forested beach fringe in northern southeast Alaska.
Platanthera orbiculataPad-leaved Bog-orchidLarge rare orchid with a single pair of broadly oval basal leaves found in productive forests
Platanthera strictaSlender Bog-orchidCommon greenish flowered orchid of bog-forest transitions and fens.
Spiranthes romanzoffianaHooded Ladies-tresses