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Family: Lycopodiaceae

Group: Vascular Plant, Species

Scientific NameCommon NameSummary
Diphasiastrum alpinumAlpine ClubmossSmall, trailing clubmoss with flattened, 4-ranked leaves infrequently found in high elevation forest and tundra and occasionally at lower elevations. In the region, it has been collected more often in the mountains from the lower part of Lynn Canal north.
Diphasiastrum complanatumGround CedarApparently few collections in the region, the distribution of this species seems to favor areas more influenced by continental climates.
Diphasiastrum sitchenseAlaskan ClubmossTrailing club moss with rounded stems found in high elevation forest and tundra. Collections are primarily from the northern half of the region on mountains near the Gulf of Alaska, though it is unclear whether this represents the actual distribution accurately.
Huperzia continentalisAlpine Fir-mossFairly common larger clubmoss of (sub)alpine tundra where it is the only Huperzia typically found. Formerly considered a part of H. selago. A few scattered collections from across much of the region.
Huperzia miyoshianaPacific Fir-mossA few collections in ARCTOS scattered across the region.
Huperzia occidentalisWestern Fir-mossA single collection in ARCTOS from Port Alexander.
Lycopodiella inundataBog ClubmossKnown from south of Fredrick Sound (including the southern half of Baranof Island), though FNA Range map implies it is to be expeted throughout much of the region. In 2009 a collection was made on Chichagof Island. Can be abundant where found, but reports have been infrequent, with only a few collections from the region.
Lycopodium clavatumRunning ClubmossFound mostly in open areas from low elevation to subalpine. This species may reach the northern extent of its regular range in the region (FNA map), though it is probably fairly common throughout. Collections have been made throughout the region (though see L. lagopus).
Lycopodium dendroideumTree ClubmossExpected throughout the region (FNA range map), collections of this species are mostly from about Frederick Sound south (including mid-Baranof Island).
Lycopodium lagopusOne-cone ClubmossExpected from the far northern mainland part of the region (FNA range map). As of late 2013, only one collection currently in Arctos (from the Juneau Ice Field) - perhaps some older ones are still labeled L. clavatus?
Spinulum annotinumStiff ClubmossCommon throughout the region with many collections. Found in forests and muskegs from sea level to subalpine.