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Family: Ascidiidae

Group: Marine Invertebrate, Species

Scientific NameCommon NameSummary
Ascidia columbianaSea BlistersThis solitary tunicate was long lumped with the species Sea Blisters (Ascidia callosa), but was reinstated by Gretchen Lambert in 2001. A. callosa is probably also present in the region, and A. columbiana differs from it in the following ways: 1: It has a dense circle of papillae around the siphons. 2: The edges of its tunic spread out in a thin sheet on the edges, whereas in A. callosa they are rounded. 3: Disection should reveal that the oviduct and sperm duct cross the bottom loop of intestine, rather than follow its edge.
Ascidia paratropaWarty Transparent TunicateFound in the extreme low intertidal and subtidally, this transparent tunicate has pretty little bumps all along its tunic, which readily distinguish it from the other local species in the genus Ascidia. It can be up to six inches tall.